RES objectives:

1. RES provides scientific and technical research development in rural & urban area.

2. We formulate and implement educational schemes and plans for the benefit of the educationally backward minorities in particular and weaker sections in general.

3. RES undertake preparation and publication of materials including journals and other periodicals for the development and awareness in society in related fields.

4. Our Society cooperate and collaborate with other societies with similar objectives in India and abroad, with official agencies and departments of Government of India and of the United Nations (including UNESCO, UNICEF, etc) and other organizations for the study of and research in education and generally for advancement of the subject.

5. RES works to open, run and assist Libraries, Book Banks, conference proceeding and organize them.

6. RES provides Pre-Primary education, Primary education, Primary higher education & Senior Secondary Education to the children, establish, starting, running, manage and maintaining schools by the affiliation from government.

7. RES establish, manage and continue various Diploma Programs, Vocational, Technical Training Institute Management and Computer Education Institutes for education of the Boys and Girls according to guidelines of its Governing Body.

8. RES leaders generate awareness and provide support and facilities for education and related activities for any level.

9. RES members evolve culture-specific models for creating awareness among society toward education especially for girls.

10. We increase awareness, support and facilities for gross development of Children´┐Żs and others by providing Education and counseling at various level and other related activities.

11. RES works to provide awareness, support and facilities for elders and to open old age home and day care centers and other related activities. Home, nursing homes, hospital, library, reading room, trusts, school, day care centers, college and other institutions irrespective of cast creed or social status.

12. It circulates periodicals & newsletters for the development and awareness in society in related fields.

13. RES often organize seminars, workshops & other programs to impart knowledge about healthcare, education and other related fields.

14. RES plans to provide scholarship / awards to deserving and needy students.

15. We provide awareness, support and facilities for Agricultural Activity, forest development and Environmental protection.

16. We provide awareness, support and work for the development in the field of Art, Culture and literature.

17. RES provide help to the destitute, physically handicapped people, mentally retarded children, and street children without any distinction of caste, color and creed.18. RES member liaison and co-ordinate with government / non government agencies & institutions for promotion of health care, increasing its reach to needy people and other related fields.
19. To set up Infrastructure for cure, and education in related fields.
20. RES publish advertisements and newspaper articles for creating awareness among general public in related fields.