Conference on Research Sponsorship Program (CRSP): Conference on Research Sponsorship Program (CRSP) is intended to support the researchers and conference organizers. The CRSP is providing a dissemination point of scientific research and knowledge.
The program establishes long term international collaborations and partnerships with academic communities and conference organizers, and provides a privileged platform for the publishing of research work presented in conference proceedings.
CRSP invites papers from the National/International Conference/Seminar conducted by academic institutions, organizations, university, etc. for its special issue. Regarding Details / Queries, please contact:
How to be a part of Conference on Research Sponsorship Program:
With a mission to disseminate scientific knowledge, our journal welcomes seminar/ conferences to publish their proceedings with us. The conference organizers should provide the manuscripts as according to the template of journal in .docx format only to the Journal Editor. The manuscripts must be categorized according to the topics addressed by them. The list of Journal Reviewers along with set of manuscripts and their review should also be provided.
If you are organizing conference/seminar and planning to organize any National / International conference, then you need to provide the following conference details 
Institute or Organization which is organizing this conference/event.
Conference Dates (If you have finalized the dates or tentative month/year).
City/Country where this conference is going to held.
Website Link, if you have a conference website.