EDUWAC- (Empowerment and Development to Underprivileged Women and Children): Research and Educational Society works to promote education, training and professional development for child and women. Regional offices of RES help to implement enterprise development, supply chain and marketing practices that empower women.


RES needs support for these Noble causes. The main programs cover under EDUWAC is:


Program1: Educating rights laws and self dependent practices by professional trainers to especially underprivileged women.

It takes 3000/- for 30 women/children.


Program2: Awareness to women for various scheme and scholarship to develop themselves.

It takes 2000/- to aware 50 women/children.


Program3: Promote women education and health awareness programs.

It takes 2000/- to promote 50 women.


Program4: Organize rally against social culprits especially for women & children.

It takes 2000/- to organize such events.

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