Article submission is one of the most popular and one of the oldest methods to increase knowledge. RES provides this facility to the students to submit their articles. This facility is provided only for the students so that they will take a platform to display their research and new inventions. RES gives the chance to win the best award and prizes for their best article and it will be displayed on our website. RES provides to the students in all over the world via giving a platform of research to the students, in which articles are invited from students in various fields of science and technology and after reviewing these articles, RES gives the chance to win the best award and prizes for their best article.
RES is the worldwide organization tasked with promoting the science and technology of computer in all systems, whether social or economic, in both theory and application. RES includes academic and corporate providers, professional bodies and individuals with an interest in this topic, which is of increasing importance for society. RES works to undertake preparation and publication of materials including journals and other periodicals for the development and awareness in society in related fields.
The objectives for the program are:
1. To provide a platform for the promulgation of research output and activities in research, engineering and other related fields.
2. To publish knowledge and results in an efficient and effective manner.
3. To encourage new research for the industrial applications in engineering, computer science and other fields.
4. To improve the standard of scientific ideas for the international dissemination of information.
5. To produce the authentic and qualitative research.

Instruction for Article Submission
1. You have to follow the format of article (Download Article Format).
2. Article Submission at free of cost.
3. You have to follow the deadline of article submission date declared by RES (30th march 2016) for 4th Re-Techno-Art 2016
4. Students can send their articles to the following

E-mail id: