SUDEEP – (Skill Unifies Development, Education and Employment Program): Research and Educational society organizes various guest Lectures, seminars and workshops to develop interest on skill development, motivation and awareness. The object of SUDDEP is to develop skills in every student so that they can go towards development, education and employment. The society provides platforms to underprivileged to learn and develop employable skills through its workshops and practical seminar on particular acheter du cialis skill.

RES needs support for these Noble causes. The main programs cover under SUDEEP is:

Program1: Organize workshop on skill development.

It takes 1000/- to organize a workshop for a child.


Program2: Organize personality development program to groom underprivileged children.

It takes only 500/- to groom underprivileged child.


Program3: Organize lecture and seminar on skill awareness especially in underprivileged area.

It takes 5000/- to organize lecture/seminar on skill awareness for 25 children.


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