UTSAV – (Ubiquitous Treatment and other socially useful Activities for All): Research and Educational Society organizes various Programs on social activities, general treatment and health checkup camps, health awareness, stationary & dress distribution, blankets distribution,  pitcher & water huts establishment, rallies and recreation activities to especially underprivileged. The society in this cause, organizes activities not only to human beings but also to other living creatures.


RES needs support for these Noble causes. The main programs cover under UTSAV is:


Program1: Clothes/Uniform distribution to underprivileged.

It takes only 1000/- to clothes/uniform a child.


Program2: Blanket and woolen distribution to needy people in winter season.

It takes only 250/- to a person.


Program3: RES organizes various health checkup camps in the slum and underprivileged area.

It takes 5000/- to organize this Nobel cause.


Program4: Pitcher/hut/water tank foundation during hot summer season for mankind as well as birds and animals.

It takes only 50/- to lay a pitcher and 6000 to lay a water hut.


Program5: Organize rallies and social awareness and recreation activities specially for underprivileged.

It takes only 1000/- to organize such events.

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